BoopBoop, our African Gray Parrot

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    We got Boopboop back in 2009 when we were living on Oahu. We took a weekend trip to Maui and ran into Boop at Dan’s Green House in Lahaina. Boop was there with her brother and about 5 or 6 other birds. The birds live in the store on perches so they get to interact with customers all day long. Boop’s brother bit me, but Boop was the most mellow and gentle African Gray that I’ve ever seen. We stayed in the store for about an hour, playing with Boop and the other birds, and some piglets that were running around loose in the store.

    We left Maui without Boop, but we got home, picked up our other bird Chuckie, a Solomon Island Eclectus, from the vet where we boarded him. Chuckie seemed kind of lonely because we both worked all day and he was a bit too high energy to just sit around all day.

    The next day, we sent for Boop, and Dan’s sent her over on a flight a couple of days later. We picked her up (freight) at Honolulu airport and she’s been with us ever since.

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