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Online Docuseries: Vaccine Secrets: Covid Crisis

August 30 - September 9


UPDATE: For those who did not receive an email to view the series (due to technical difficulties), please use the link below to view the first episode. The event coordinator said that it should be available for an extra 24 hours so that people can catch up, and they are working to add the missing people to the email list. There will also most likely be a replay at the end (as they usually do during their events).



COVID Vaccines in the US alone:
545,337 adverse reactions and 12,366 deaths reported in the “official figures” – so far…
Is this only 1% of the REAL number?

Register now for a limited time, FREE viewing of this breakthrough 9-episode docuseries. Plus get 2 FREE expert-created eBooks on COVID & the Vaccine! Enter your email to secure your spot

Why Should You Register for “Vaccine Secrets: Covid Crisis” docuseries?

Over 30 world-class experts break the silence and reveal the truth about COVID, the safe, effective and censored protocols, and the deadly dangers of the vaccines… Plus the shocking scientific evidence to support their claims.

In this brand new series, Jonathan Otto interviews dozens of top doctors, scientists, and health experts that answer questions like:

  • Is this injection really safe to take?
  • Why are so many miscarriages happening after taking the injection?
  • What is so dangerous about the “spike protein” and why does the injection program our body to produce it?
  • Why are U.S. corporations making “contingency plans” for the deaths of their employees who’ve received the injection?
  • Why is the injection causing so many blood clots and strokes?
  • How many adverse reactions are really happening after taking the injection and why isn’t this number being accurately reported?
  • Can this injection permanently impact my brain health? (Sadly, our research shows YES it’s very possible…)
  • Were tests manipulated to provide false positives and/or negatives?
  • Why would certain doctors I interviewed say things like, “these are not miscarriages, they are murders”?
  • What can you do if you’ve already gotten the injection? Are you safe?
  • What would cause the medical and scientific community to sweep all of this under the rug and tell us this injection is 100% safe?


Knowledge is power. And it’s the key to understanding why the experimental Covid vaccines are so dangerous — despite the corporate media’s official narrative that suppresses and censors anyone who dares to speak out.

You are in control of your own health. Don’t fall victim to global governments and bureaucrats that are pushing everyone to get vaccinated. Billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates and billionaire Big Tech activists think they know what’s best for you and your family.

You must be free to decide what’s right for you. Don’t let governments and employers force you into getting vaxxed “for your own good”. And never let the cancel culture make you too afraid to stand up for your rights!

For more information and to get your 2 FREE expert-created downloadable eBooks, click here.


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August 30
September 9
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