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Online Summit: Psychedelics – Sacred Medicines, Purpose & Business

September 30 - October 8


You have your own unique medicine inside… and your medicine is what we need for these times.

Join Beth Weinstein as she brings you face to face with over 40 experts, leaders and authors in the fields of psychedelics, sacred plant and animal medicines, conscious entrepreneurship, personal development, spirituality, visionary art, leadership, shamanism, health & wellness, tantra, astrology, human design, microdosing, music and more.

You’ll hear their uncensored and unedited stories and insights…including how they’ve integrated powerful psychedelic experiences into their purpose to create conscious, soul-aligned businesses, have impact in the world, and live lives they love. The conversations with these leaders and entrepreneurs will give you actionable insights on how to best integrate visionary experiences, and will help you to take the first steps towards a more aligned path doing what you love and sharing the unique medicine that lives inside you so you can be happy and fulfilled in today’s rapidly evolving world.

These visionary leaders are living proof that a more meaningful life and a better planet is possible when you follow your heart, share your unique medicine, and live in alignment with your soul.

The Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines & Purpose talks are only available for a limited time – the series runs from September 30th to October 8th.

In this free series you will…

  • Hear uncensored and unedited stories and insights from over 39 experts’ psychedelic experiences… including how they’ve integrated them into their purpose, calling and businesses.
  • How to ground your visions and insights so you can do work with more purpose in service to others while having more fulfillment, freedom and abundance.
  • Dive deep into the psychology and neuroscience behind psychedelics (and learn why they’re such potent medicines for awakening your purpose).
  • Learn how to transition away from an unfulfilling career (even if you’re terrified of letting go…but you know it’s time). You’ll learn how to get unstuck, stop struggling to “get by,” and blossom into your true calling.
  • Discover how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can help you move past any fears you have about fully living your purpose and following your True Path (and learn how successful spirit-based entrepreneurs created and grew their businesses!)
  • Learn how to integrate your visionary experiences so you can live your soul’s purpose and help create new paradigms of conscious business, impact and transformation on Earth.
  • Connect with a like-minded community with a shared vision for a long-term transformation and healing on the New Earth.

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