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Online Summit: Somatic Movement Summit

April 19 - April 23


When you move about during the day, do you feel discomfort or pain?

The ability to move freely is the secret to youth and vitality.

As we age, our bodies tend to become less fluid and mobile — leading to tension, pain, and discomfort, which causes even greater rigidity. What’s even more alarming is that our minds tend to follow suit.

Our modern-day society encourages a lack of mobility. We are chronic sitters — at desks, in cars, on couches. We become set in our ways as we move through life.

As a result, we feel “stuck” inside ourselves. We lack the energy, freedom, and resilience we enjoyed as children, when we ran, jumped, and played for hours every day.

The good news is that we can recapture the fluid movement and resilience we experienced as children — an imperative for ensuring lifelong health and wellbeing.

How often do you think about the way you move? Do you have a daily movement practice? 

Are you familiar with somatic movement — movement coupled with awareness? It provides a pathway to healing through embodied motion.

It’s a call to return to the wisdom of the body, the built-in capacity of your body to self-regulate — a timely answer to our modern world’s shift toward the sedentary.

The many wonderful modalities within somatic movement help you draw on your body’s innate self-curing power, balance the autonomic nervous system, and shift out of fight-or-flight response — fostering rest, repair, and health.

To be able to truly relax and be in tune with ourselves is too often a novelty in this day and age.

The answer to overcoming this trend is conscious movement.

Both subtle and profound, somatic movement modalities — such as Alexander Technique, Hanna Somatics, Continuum Movement®, Feldenkrais Method®, Body-Mind Centering, and others — gently nurture an abiding sense of wellbeing and fortitude.

These methods can assist you in moving from rigidity to fluidity… enabling you to make choices from your body’s wise, grounded intelligence, while at the same time preserving your body from the long-term effects of stress.

We’re honored to invite you to join the Somatic Movement Summit — an experiential online gathering of seasoned leaders in this growing and evolutionary field.

In this one-of-a-kind summit, you’ll not only receive abundant knowledge from world-renowned somatic movement experts… you’ll also experience firsthand, instructive practices and demonstrations of a variety of disciplines.

Whether with short or long guided somatic movement practices, you’ll have the opportunity to slow down and embody the richness of what our accomplished speakers and practitioners have to offer.


Green Owl Farmacy is not involved or associated with this event. For more information, please visit the website listed below.


April 19
April 23
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